Master of Disguises Blog Tour – July 11, 18, 25 and August 1, 8, 2011

This 5 day blog tour is for James Benjamin, author of Master of Disguises

About the Book

James Benjamin is a living miracle. He was on a path towards destruction, and through his faith in God, was saved. In his first, self-published book titled “Master of Disguises,” James guides readers through his compelling story of struggling in the street life, and finding sanctuary through The Lord. Most importantly, he unveils the enemy, and the many disguises the enemy has. He provides inspiration where many feel hopeless, and educates individuals who are lost as he once was. James lives to tell his story to help keep young men and women off the streets and away from the grips of the enemy.

Benjamin’s story is one that attracts the groups that are hard to communicate to: teens and their parents, prisoners, people living the street life and their families, and the African American street community. Those that are experiencing hardships can easily listen to James as he used to be in their shoes. His prospective is inviting, as he leaves no secrets and lays out his life for the readers. James exposes the many faces of the enemy that he experienced to help the next individual detect and defeat them. As he learned through his own struggles, James finds it essential that Christians be aware of the enemy’s disguises. In his case, it almost cost him his life.

About the Author

James Benjamin was born and raised as a Christian in Winston-Salem, NC. While growing up, James succumbed to the street life and was lured by the many faces of the enemy. Through his trials and tribulations, his faith in God ended up saving his life and provided an impactful testimony to share with others in his shoes. James has dedicated his life to spreading God’s word through his unique prospective and hopes to help change others lives as He did for him. He is also enrolled at the University of Phoenix, acquiring his associate’s degree. James Benjamin is also a student at Apostle Fredrick Price Ministry Training School class of 2013.

Blog Tour Schedule

July 11, 2011

All the Buzz Reviews

Written Voices Blog

July 18, 2011

The Author’s Hideaway

Wanda Campbell

Paulette Harper

July 25, 2011


August 1, 2011

Joey Pinkney

Faygo’s Report

August 8, 2011


The Certain Ones

Laina Turner

WEB TV Schedule

July 14, 2011 (air date)
9:00 pm EST

Radio Tour Schedule

July 14, 2011
WordThirst Literary Journal
8:00 pm EST (Thurs)
(347) 324-3749

August 8, 2011
Black Authors Network
8:00 pm EST
(646) 200-0402

September 28, 2011
Book Talk, Creativity & Family Matters
Saturdays at 12 noon PT, 1pm MT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET.
(347) 215-7740

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  1. I look forward to being a part of this tour. I always cheer on men for telling their stories. I know that you have lived a life that will benefit and help other men to breakout of the chains in their lives.

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