God Reveals a Mystery Online Radio Tour begins March 30, 2011


About the Book

Lies and myths surround the dragon. With so many distorted pieces to a complex puzzle, only God can sort through the complexity of falsehoods and reveal the truth with simplicity. God knows everything and He can give you the solution to a puzzle that man could never fathom. Many know, especially in the continent of Asia, that the fictitious or mythical dinosaurs’ fossils really belong to the dragons’. Well, what happened to the dragons? There has to be an answer out there somewhere and there is. The God-given answer will surprise many. But, knowing the truth will set you free!

The profound truth in Patricia Thomas’ book will open up your eyes to realize the answer to this “great mystery” that has perplexed many for years. The plain and simple facts are here with an insightful revelation about our biggest adversary, Satan or the devil. You will be amazed and shocked at how distorted pieces of a puzzle can come together and allow you to see a perfectly clear picture!

The author, with the guidance of God, has researched the Holy Bible’s scriptures, to unravel the cord of confusion and tie together the thread of understanding.

About the Author

Licensed Missionary Evangelist and Minister Patricia A. Thomas is the author of “God Reveals a Mystery!” – which challenges minds in LOVE to re-examine the things that have been told to us about the “dinosaurs”, which is a name that was made-up in 1842. With using the animal’s true name “dragon” or “serpent”, with the guidance of God and His holy scriptures, readers have been enlightened with the biblical truths concerning this animal, physically and spiritually. She once hosted a weekly radio broadcast in Columbus, Ohio on 106.3FM/WJYD with empowering messages entitled, “Five Minutes of a Right Now Word From God!”

She is an advocate against the Evolution Theory that is being taught to our youth in public schools- which is one of the reasons why she wrote her profound and eye-opening book.

She has been an invited guest on popular Radio Shows such as Mississippi’s Conversations Live! on 92.3FM, Ohio’s Street Soldiers on 107.5FM, and Florida’s Dream Out Loud on 1520AM to share her BOLD vision about her book. She speaks “Truth To Power” with using WORDS OF VISION. This woman of God is a true VISIONARY. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Originally from Louisiana, she currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.


Radio Schedule

March 30, 2011
Prophetic Worship ICU with Tabitha Vinson
9:00 pm EST
(347) 215-8766

March 31, 2011
WordThirst Literary Journal
8:00 pm EST (Thurs)
(347) 324-3749

April 2, 2011
The Certain Ones Radio Show
6 pm EST on Saturdays
(917) 932-1607

April 6, 2011
Let’s Talk About It! Blog Talk Radio Program
1:00 pm CST / 2:00 pm EST
(858) 357-8416

September 7, 2011
Book Talk, Creativity & Family Matters
Saturdays at 12 noon PT, 1pm MT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET.
(347) 215-7740

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