RADIO TOUR | Aisha Gant aka A. Life

Join us for an online radio tour for author Aisha Gant aka A. Life. Meet the author of Secret Wounds and Hidden Pain during her tour dates, January 18-February 26, 2010.

About the Book

Charlene is the estranged wife of a minister who is re-learning the healing power of forgiveness. Denise is an adolescent rape victim turned single mother of five, and has been forced down life’s path of lust, lies, and deceit.  Michelle, a battered newlywed, who because of her upbringing; makes poor choices in men.  Katrina, little miss-goody-two-shoes, has big secrets and because of those secrets, there is a lesson she has to learn. These four women lead totally different lives while unknowingly wearing the same mask. What will it take for them to remove that which has become so comfortable?

About the Author

A. Life… is a mother, author, poet, and entrepreneur. Among the many hats she wears such as, ‘Author-preneur’, Life has always loved to write and began at a young age; having had work published as early as the eighth grade. Her love for writing goes beyond just putting pen to paper. It is a part of her make-up. To her, it is life. And having gone through life’s many struggles, A. Life… chooses to display in her work, characters of triumph. She considers her works not to be ones that push Christianity but words that flow from the mouth of a pen written by an author who is Christian.

Read an Excerpt

Secret Wounds and Hidden Pain by A. Life (Excerpt)

Radio Tour Schedule

JANUARY 18, 2010
Conversations LIVE!  with Cyrus Webb
1:00 pm EST

JANUARY 19, 2010
The Sharvette Mitchell Show
6:00 pm EST

JANUARY 26, 2010
Onyx View with Kamryn Adams
7:00 pm EST

JANUARY 31, 2010
Wanda’s Way with Wanda Hudson
12:00 pm EST

FEBRUARY 5, 2010
Victorious Voice
8:00 pm EST

FEBRUARY 17, 2010
Prophetic Worship ICU with Tabitha Vinson
7:30 pm EST

FEBRUARY 24, 2010
Abundant Solutions
9:00 pm EST

MARCH 1, 2010
From The Heart & Soul” with Lady Serenity
5:00 pm EST

Target Demographics

  • Christian Fiction Readers

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